Southern Cross Gold Ltd. released nine drill holes (SDDSC094A, 96, 98-104) from the Rising Sun area at its 100%-owned Sunday Creek Project in Victoria, Australia. The hole traversed four high-grade vein sets including the discovery of one new vein set. Selected highlights include: 2.0 m @ 5.6 g/t AuEq (5.5 g/t Au, 0.1% Sb) from 144.0 m; 38.2 m @ 3.5 g/t AuEq1 (2.5 g/t Au., 0.6% Sb) from 152.0 m, including: 1.0 m @ 12.3 g/t AuEq,11.3 g/t Au, 0.,6% Sb) from 161.0 m; 2.1 m @ 20.4 g/t AuEq ("19.6 g/t Au, 0".7 m @ 7.0 g/t AuEq(3.1 g/t Au, 2.4% Sb) from 179.0 m (vein RS10).

2.0 m @ 18.4 g/t Au Eq (6.7 g/t Au, 7.4% Sb) From 184.4 m; 1.3 m @ 22.1 g/t AuEq.13.0 g/t Au, 5.8% Sb) from 277.3 m (new vein discovery); 2.6 m @ 10.1 g/t Au Eq ("9.3 g/t Au), 0.5% Sb) from 338.2 m; SDDSC098 drilled 25 m to 60 m below SDDSC094 also traversed four high-grade veins, highlights include: 0.7 m @ 26.9 g/t AuEq (17.9 g/t Au, 5.,7% Sb) from 125.3 m; 2.1 m at 7.2 g/t AuEq ('3.9 g/t Au., 2.1 g/t Au), 2.1% Sb from 132.8 m; 8.1 m @ 4.7 g/t AuEq ($1.8 g/t Au, 1.8% Sb)from 147.1 m @ 5.9 g/t Au Eq(3.9 g/t gold, 1.3% Sb) from 162.5 m; 0.7 m @ 20.2 g/t Au Eq.20.1 g/t Au., 0.,0% Sb) from 187.3 m and SDDSC100 intersected eleven vein sets over 430 vertical m. SDDSC096 (cumulative 13 g/t AuEq x m) with a highlight of 0.5 m @ 21.8 g/t AuEq (21.8 g/t Au, 0.0% Sb) from 120.8 m and SDDSC099 (cumulative 10 g/t AuEq x m) were drilled at too high an intersection angle across the mineralized host horizon, and therefore passed from the hangingwall to the footwall of the mineralized host too rapidly and remained in unaltered sediment until end of hole . SDDSC101 and SDDSC103 were drilled 20 m to 30 m north of the host horizon and did not contain mineralization. They define the northern mineralization boundary in the western portion of Rising Sun Upper and provide further structural information in the hanging wall.

Pending Results and Update Ten holes (SDDSC0105 - 107, 108A, 109-112, 112W1, 114) are currently being processed and analyzed, with three holes (SDDSC113, 115A, 116) currently in progress. Southern Cross Gold has stated that it anticipates drilling an additional 19,000 m by April 2024. No upper gold grade cut is applied in the averaging and intervals are reported as drill thickness.

During future Mineral Resource studies, the requirement for assay top cutting will be assessed. The true thickness of the mineralised intervals reported are interpreted to be approximately 50% to 60% of the sampled thickness for other reported holes. Lower grades were cut at 1.0 g/t Au lower cutoff over a maximum width of 2 m with higher grades cut at 5.0 g/t Au lower cutoff over a maximum of 1 m width, unless otherwise1 stated (0.3 g/t Au lower cutoff over a maximum width of 3 m).