ZIGExN Co., Ltd. (TSE:3679) agreed to acquire Tsd Inc. from F-ness Corporation for ¥1.783 million on December 7, 2022. The transaction is expected to be closed on February 1, 2023. TSD Inc. will transfer all businesses except BPO business to the new company through a company split. F-ness Corporation will transfer the business to be succeeded by the method of company split will be transferred to TSD Inc. Based on the share transfer agreement concluded with F-ness Corporation, ZIGExN Co., Ltd. (TSE:3679) will acquire 100% of the shares of TSD Inc., which operates the four target businesses.

ZIGExN Co., Ltd. (TSE:3679) completed the acquisition of Tsd Inc. from F-ness Corporation on February 1, 2023.