On February 8, 2024, Progen Co., Ltd. closed the transaction. The transaction will include participation from new investor, Yuhan Corporation for 809,717 shares, individual investors, Sooman Lee for 404,859 shares, Jong-gyun Kim for 6,748 shares, Changhoon Lee for 6,748 shares, Sang-heon Cho for 4,049 shares, Hyeon-tak Jin for 675 shares, Kyung-ha Lee for 9,447 shares, Kyung-hwa Son for 6,748 shares, Gwang-sik Oh for 6,748 shares, Janghee Lee for 4,049 shares, Se-won Kim for 135 shares, Youngdae Yoon for 13,496 shares, Changmin Kim for 4,049 shares, Sang-chun Lee for 4,049 shares, Mi-jeong Ahn for 9,447 shares, Hee-seop Shin for 6,748 shares, Mija Yu for 6,748 shares, Jun-young Park for 4,049 shares, Gyu-don Kim for 1,350 shares, Gyu-don Kim for 675 shares, Sang-in Yang for 135 shares, Yongbok Seo for 135 shares, Soonmin Lee for 135 shares, Changjin Lee for 675 shares.