On April 29, 2024, Rubric Capital Management LP released a presentation highlighting the urgent need for change to Xperi?s Board of Directors and outlining a clear action plan to restore and rebuild stockholder value that Rubric?s director nominees Thomas A. Lacey and Deborah S. Conrad are best suited to execute. Rubric Capital stated that the presentation highlights Rubric?s view of the current Board?s many failures, including: 1.Failing to properly allocate strategic capital, including as it relates to Perceive and Autosense; 2.Failing to align pay with performance, instead granting excessive executive and stock-based compensation;3.Failing to adjust the Company?s cost structure post-spin off;4.Failing to execute against its 2022 Investor Day Goals; and 5.Failing to take proactive steps to protect investors and position the Company for success absent stockholder intervention. Rubric encouraged stockholders to review the facts set forth in its presentation and to vote the white proxy card for the election of Thomas A. Lacey and Deborah S. Conrad to the Company Board.