Worldline SA Announced that at its Shareholders Meeting held on June 13, 2024, approved the appointment of three new directors, Mrs. Agnès Park, Mrs. Sylvia Steinmann and Mr. Olivier Gavalda for a period of three years. The company also approved the Wilfried Verstraete as Chairman of the Board of Directors and governance update. Upon recommendation of the Nomination Committee, the Board of Directors also approved the new composition of its Committees: Audit and Risks Committee:Aldo Cardoso (Chairman), Mette Kamsvåg, Nazan Somer Özelgin, Sylvia Steinmann and Daniel Schmucki; Nomination Committee:Giulia Fitzpatrick (Chairwoman), Wilfried Verstraete (Vice- Chairman), Agnès Park and Thierry Sommelet; Remuneration Committee:Wilfried Verstraete (Chairman), Giulia Fitzpatrick; Vice-Chairwoman), Agnès Park, Thierry Sommelet and Marie-Christine Lebert; Investment Committee: Daniel Schmucki (Chairman), Aldo Cardoso, Olivier Gavalda, Gilles Grapinet, Mette Kamsvåg, Thierry Sommelet and Wilfried Verstraete; CSR Committee: Agnès Park (Chairwoman), Giulia Fitzpatrick (Vice-Chairwoman), Gilles Grapinet, Sylvia Steinmann and Stephan Van Hellemont.