After receiving unconditional authorization from the European Commission, Crédit Agricole and Worldline announced the creation of their joint-venture for digital payment services for merchants in France. The joint-venture aims to become a major player in payment services in France. It will leverage Worldline?s technological performance and innovation capabilities, particularly in the area of acceptance, and Crédit Agricole group?s merchant acquiring performance in the French market.

The joint-venture will also be responsible for the commercial development of this alliance with merchants, while providing active support to the banks within the Crédit Agricole group. The joint venture is 50% owned plus one share by Worldline and will therefore be fully consolidated. Crédit Agricole holds 50% of the capital less one share and will supervise the joint venture.

The joint venture will integrate the "Cartes Bancaires" (CB) domestic payment scheme. In addition to French merchants, Worldline will offer its international merchants access to the CB scheme, thereby extending its wide range of local payment methods through access to one of the most powerful European domestic payment schemes.