WiSA Technologies, Inc. announced the signing of a WiSA E licensing agreement with a top-three consumer electronics leader in their category. By licensing WiSA E software and embedding WiSA E?s multichannel immersive audio functionality into their source devices, the licensee will eliminate the costly burden of additional hardware and will allow their end users to activate the embedded audio functionality by purchasing speakers designed to connect with the media device. Consumer-based activation of WiSA?s immersive audio opens a new avenue of revenue generation for the company.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Company?s licensing revenue will include royalty payments on its transmitting (TX) software tied to a user?s activation of WiSA?s embedded immersive audio functionality. The activation model enables manufacturers to cost-effectively build audio-rich features which can generate aftermarket revenue from the sale of external speakers. Production devices as a result of this agreement are expected in the market in the second half of 2024.

WiSA E entails a full suite of audio features that define how audio should be experienced across HDTVs, soundbars, projectors, mobile devices, streaming media devices, and speakers. WiSA E is implementable across major SoC providers, including Realtek, Amlogic, Mediatek, and Novatek, enabling WiSA E functionality to be built into existing hardware platforms.