WiSA Technologies, Inc. announced the addition of two features to its WiSA E wireless immersive audio software stack. Both new features target reducing the overall integration costs for manufacturers while adding new functionality. The two new enhancements added to WiSA E are: Receiver (RX) with 4 channels output capability enabling: Fewer speaker cabinets required for ATMOS, DTS:X, IAMF codecs supported by Dolby, DTS, and Google respectively.

Ability to connect a TV wirelessly to a three-channel soundbar with a subwoofer (LFE); A rear power bar or speaker that can support up-firing, left surround, right surround, and forward firing speakers. Software sample rate converter (SRC), which, when required, reduces integration costs by between $4 - $6 by simplifying overall system design; SRC auto detects audio sample rates and coverts them to 48k/24bit; Capable of converting CD quality audio 44.1k 16bit or 24bit; Capable of detecting and decimating higher data rates such as 96k/24bit. The company has signed 3 licensing agreements with TV/PTV companies and expects that an additional 3 license agreements will be signed by the end of second quarter of second quarter of 24bit.