WiSA Association, a subsidiary of WiSA Technologies, Inc. and CITECH Co., Ltd. announced the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership designed to integrate WiSA?s powerful WiSA E software into CITECH?s HiFi ROSE line of media streamers. Additionally, CITECH plans to develop a receiver module that the company will market to its partner speaker companies to accelerate the deployment of WiSA E-enabled speakers. The combination of WiSA E receiver module along with WiSA E-enabled HiFi ROSE media streamer ensures seamless delivery of WiSA?s high-quality wireless multichannel audio.

CITECH will be demonstrating their line of HiFi ROSE media players at the HIGH END audio Show in Munich, Germany from May 9th through May 12th, 2024. CITECH plans a two-pronged approach to bringing WiSA E technology to market. Through their HiFi ROSE brand, CITECH will enable its media streamers to transmit up to 6 channels of wireless audio using the WiSA E transmitter technology.

To seed the market with a number of WiSA E certified speakers, CITECH has developed a WiSA E receiver module that will be made available to CITECH?s numerous speaker partners for integration into speaker products.