Westlake Corporation will showcase its solutions that enhance life every day at NPE 2024 in OCCC West Hall Booth 203 ABC, to be held from May 6-10 in Orlando, Florida. Under the theme of ?Enhancing Your Life Every Day,? three of Westlake?s businesses will showcase their products: Westlake Global Compounds, Westlake Polyethylene and Westlake North American Vinyls.

Westlake will highlight some of its diverse range of sustainable products at NPE including: High-Performance Molecular-Oriented PVC (PVCO) Pipe: In 2022, Westlake expanded production of PVCO, a molecular-oriented PVC pipe material with enhanced water flow and a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional Westlake PVC pipe. During the manufacturing process, the PVC molecules are stretched and reorganized to increase material strength, making the pipe more flexible and lighter weight. Less material per unit length provides secondary benefits for shipping the product.

By reducing the weight of the haulage, vehicles can use less fuel, thereby reducing carbon emissions. PVCO is available in North America. Pivotal?

Product Line: Pivotal? Polyethylene is specifically formulated to preserve film performance while incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content. Company product portfolio is designed to balance process stability and film performance while incorporating PCR into a variety of flexible film applications.

Pivotal? PVC Compounds is specifically formulated with Post-Industrial Recyclate (PIR) content. It is a rigid, non-phthalate compound formulated for a variety of custom injection molding applications.

It is developed to consistently perform like virgin resin with minimal lot-to-lot variability; designed to achieve high flammability resistance and RTI properties; and, specially formulated to process well during injection molding, including multi-cavity tools. GreenVin? Bio-attributed PVC: GreenVin?

bio-attributed PVC is produced with renewable energy (under European Guarantees of Origin) and renewable ethylene. The renewable ethylene is derived from bio-naphtha. GreenVin bio-attributed PVC is both ISCC PLUS and REDcert2 certified, using the mass balance approach.

Bio-attributed GreenVin PVC is approximately 90% less carbon intensive compared to conventionally produced Westlake PVC. Westlake also produces lower carbon GreenVin PVC and GreenVin caustic soda produced with certified 100% renewable energy under European Guarantees of Origin. GreenVin PVC is already being used in various PVC application areas, such as the automotive, window manufacturing, and pharmaceutical packaging sectors.

GreenVin caustic soda is approximately 30% less carbon intensive compared to conventionally produced Westlake caustic soda. Caustic soda is used to produce detergents, cardboard, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and many other key products.