The Group announces the start of series production of the new Golf on the assembly line at the Wolfsburg plant

Production of the first car in the eighth generation of the model has begun on the assembly line in Hall 12. It comes almost 50 years after the very first production Golf was built in Wolfsburg.

More than half of the approximately 37 million models of this vehicle sold to date - an average of 400,000 units a year - have been built at the Wolfsburg plant.

This includes the 'classic' Golf, now in its eighth generation, as well as various derivatives such as the Golf Variant and Golf Sportsvan, and a wide range of models.

'The Golf has been at the heart of the Volkswagen brand for half a century. The Golf has constantly adapted to customer needs, becoming a global bestseller - made in Wolfsburg', said Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

' The plant also celebrated the 48 millionth vehicle off the assembly line; no other automotive plant in the world has built as many vehicles as the Wolfsburg plant.'

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