Today, we are announcing a new capability of the AWS Application Discovery Service Agentless Collector to monitor the free disk space of virtual machines running on VMware vCenter 7.0 or newer.

This allows you to predict the minimum size of block storage your virtual machines will require as part of your migration plan.

With the agentless collector, users can configure the discovery and monitoring of their existing VMware workloads in a matter of minutes. The new storage free space data is made available in AWS Migration Hub where it can be used to evaluate the ideal Amazon EBS size for each virtual machine after migrating to Amazon EC2. This allows you to take advantage of the elastic nature of AWS, only provisioning what is required, while still knowing the volume size can be changed post migration if needed.

The agentless collector can be used to send configuration data to all AWS Regions where AWS Application Discovery Service is available. To learn more, read the user guide. Accelerate your migration with AWS Application Discovery Service today.

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