Technology stocks in the semiconductor sector, particularly Micron, continue to rise despite geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty. Eric Freedman, chief investment officer at US Bank, stressed that appetite for the industry remains strong. He advises investors to take advantage of price falls to strengthen their position in this sector, which is essential to the development of artificial intelligence and mass data processing.

However, Freedman warns against the risks of over-concentration in a single sector. He notes that the S&P 500 is heavily exposed to technology stocks, which could give cause for concern. He recommends looking at international markets, such as Europe and Japan, as long-term diversification options, while remaining positive on the semiconductor sector due to the sustained demand that is expected to continue.

Finally, he also stresses the importance of keeping an eye on upcoming political and economic events, including the US elections, which could impact the markets, while maintaining a strategic position in high-tech stocks.

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