The Clorox Company (NYSE:CLX) is looking for M&A. During the company?s conference, Kevin Jacobsen, Chief Financial Officer said that ?when you think about M&A, I think about it a couple of ways. One, I think we now have a strong balance sheet that affords us the ability to pursue acquisitions that we think can make sense for our brands, make sense for our shareholders. And then in the context of our financial goals we said we want to grow 3% to 5% sales.

I think we have a portfolio that allows us to grow in that range. I think to get to the very high end of that range, we want to establish another growth runway for this company and you can do that organically, but you can also do that through M&A. So, we'll continue to look for good M&A opportunities that we could think could establish an additional runway for us. It would likely put us in a position to move very high into that growth range.

So that work is underway. We've got the financial wherewithal to pursue it, but we'll continue to be very disciplined in terms of how we pursue that?.