Business description: The Clorox Company

The Clorox Company is a world leader in the production and sale of consumer products. Net sales by family of products break down as follows:

- home maintenance and laundry products (40.6%): dishwashing liquids, detergents, stain removers, bleaches, toilet bowl cleaners, etc. (Clorox®, Formula 409®, Liquid-Plumr®, Pine-Sol®, S.O.S®, Tilex®, Green Works®, CloroxProTM, Dispatch®, Clorox Healthcare®, Hidden Valley®, KC Masterpiece® brands, etc.). In addition, the group offers vitamins, minerals and supplement products under the RenewLife, Natural Vitality, NeoCell and Rainbow Light brands ;

- household products (27%): charcoal (Kingsford and Match Light brands), cat litters (Fresh Step®, Scoop Away® and Ever Clean® brands) and plastic bags (Glad brand®);

- other (16.6%): condiments and sauces (Hidden Valley, KC Masterpiece and Soy Vay brands), water filters (Brita brand) and natural personal care products (Burt's Bees and Güd brands).

The remaining sales (15.8%) are from abroad activities.

The United States accounts for 84.2% of net sales.

Number of employees: 8,100

Sales by Activity: The Clorox Company

Fiscal Period: June20192020202120222023

Health and Wellness

- 2.75B 2.98B 2.69B 2.53B


970M 1.02B 1.16B 1.18B 1.18B


2.11B - - - -


1.87B 1.8B 1.98B 1.98B 2.1B


1.26B 1.15B 1.22B 1.25B 1.34B

Corporate and Other

- - - - 240M
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Geographical breakdown of sales: The Clorox Company

Fiscal Period: June20192020202120222023

United States

5.28B 5.72B 6.21B 5.95B 6.24B


933M 996M 1.13B 1.16B 1.15B
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Managers: The Clorox Company

Manager TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 46 02-12-31
Chief Operating Officer 54 97-12-31
Human Resources Officer 52 16-02-29
General Counsel 52 04-12-31

Members of the board: The Clorox Company

Director TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 66 13-08-18
Director/Board Member 71 15-06-30
Director/Board Member 66 15-06-30
Composition of the Board of Directors

Shareholders: The Clorox Company

Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.
12.30 %
15,277,580 12.30 % 2 085 M $
8,133,375 6.549 % 1 110 M $
BlackRock Advisors LLC
6.547 %
8,130,077 6.547 % 1 110 M $
Geode Capital Management LLC
2.333 %
2,896,933 2.333 % 395 M $
Eaton Vance Management
1.973 %
2,449,795 1.973 % 334 M $
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Company details: The Clorox Company

The Clorox Co.

1221 Broadway

94612-1888, Oakland

+510 271 7000
address The Clorox Company(CLX)

Group companies: The Clorox Company

NameCategory and Sector
Clorox New Zealand Ltd.
Industrial Machinery
Wholesale Distributors
Food Distributors
Household/Personal Care
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Other Household Products

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Change 5d. change 1-year change 3-years change Capi. ($)
-1.10%-3.06%-15.12%-28.72% 16.52B
-0.13%-1.83%+2.43%+16.17% 24.61B
-0.36%-6.83%-36.36%-45.67% 6.44B
+0.75%-0.70%-2.99%-6.03% 5.63B
+0.75%+0.80%+13.92%+5.89% 3.42B
+0.31%-0.08%-2.84%-33.56% 2.28B
+1.38%+0.25%+107.52%+189.42% 2.18B
+0.66%+0.43%+37.41%-3.04% 933M
+0.71%-0.30%-0.10%-25.78% 694M
-0.06%-0.91%+24.43%+36.67% 420M
Average +0.28%-0.57%+12.83%+10.53% 6.31B
Weighted average by Cap. -0.21%-0.80%-1.91%-0.85%
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