Taseko Mines Ltd - operates Gibraltar mine in British Columbia; it is the second largest open-pit copper mine in Canada - Director Robert Dickinson sells 640,960 shares at average CAD3.44, worth CAD2.2 million, about GBP1.3 million, on Monday and Tuesday in Toronto. Dickinson had sold 500,000 shares on Thursday last week. Additionally, Chief Executive Officer Stuart McDonald sells 125,000 shares at CAD3.52 on Friday and Monday, and Chief Financial Officer Bryce Hamming sells 25,000 shares at CAD3.39 on Tuesday, both after exercising options for the same number of shares at CAD0.69.

Current stock price in London: 185.00 pence, down 2.9% on Wednesday

12-month change: up 40%

By Tom Waite, Alliance News editor

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