Takeda and Biological E. Limited announced a strategic partnership to accelerate access to QDENGA®?V (Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine [Live, Attenuated) (TAK-003) multi-dose vials (MDVs). These doses will ultimately be made available for procurement by governments in endemic countries by 2030 at the latest to support National Immunization Programs. MDVs offer economic and logistical advantages for National Immunization Programs by minimizing packaging and storage expenses, while also reducing medical and environmental waste. BE will ramp up to a manufacturing capacity of up to 50 million doses a year, accelerating Takeda's efforts to manufacture 100 million doses a year within the decade.

The partnership will build upon existing manufacturing capacity for the vaccine at Takeda's facility in Singen, Germany and Takeda's long-term partnership with IDT Biologika GmbH.