Star Diamond Corporation and Minespider announced that they have partnered to launch the Diamond Passport and comply with the new G7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States) rules. Recently, the G7 countries have put a direct ban on Russian diamonds and agreed to establish a verification and certification mechanism for rough diamonds to prove the origin to ensure diamonds are not mined, processed, or produced in conflict zones. Having over 6 years of traceability experience with companies like Google, Minsur, LuNa Smelter, and others, Minespider introduced its own Diamond Passport in March this year.

The Diamond Passport contains all key information about the diamond, including its provenance data, the diamond's unique DNA, such as size, shape, color, carat, clarity, cut, and specific inclusions (natural flaws or imperfections), certificates from geological laboratories and other documentation about the diamond. Star Diamond is striving to ensure that diamond mining in Saskatchewan is conducted responsibly, with a focus on improving environmental performance and accompanied by strong social performance.