Pasofino Gold Limited announced the start exploration Bukon Jedeh, a target area at the Company's Dugbe gold project, with the commencement of fieldwork and the mobilisation of the drilling rig, with drilling expected to commence in March 2024. The previously conducted 2011/2012 RC drilling campaign included some excellent intersections though Pasofino believes that most holes 'missed' the main mineralised zones as holes were positioned on a grid without a better understanding of the underlying geology. Pasofino's drilling will be core drilling and the holes carefully planned, aided by geological mapping and high resolution ground magnetic survey data.

Pasofino provisionally interprets a large fold structure with two east-west oriented limbs along which the main gold pits are located - this interpretation will be further assessed by the ground magnetic surveying and geological mapping, work that will take place between now and the commencement of drilling. The drill-rig has been mobilised from Monrovia to Greenville, a coastal town located some 70 km from Bukon Jedeh and remains there while current preparation of the access roads and drill-sites is completed. During this time a 125-150 line-km ground magnetic survey will be completed by SEMS Exploration of Ghana.

This will assist in the positioning of drillholes and the interpretation of results. The drilling is planned to commence during March and comprises approximately 1,400 m of coring, across approximately 15 drillholes. The plan is summarised as follows: Test a selection of the small-scale miners 'hard-rock' pits by drilling 1-2 holes 'underneath' them, to potentially intersect the material the gold mineralised gneissic rock the miners are extracting, which has been observed to contain coarse visible gold.

Provisionally the following pits will be tested: 99 Steps Pit - the largest pit but none of the 2011/2012 RC holes were drilled here Tubman Hill Disco Pit - 12 of the Company's 2022 rock-chip samples were from here and averaged 3.2 g/t Au and up to 11 g/t Au. Only a single 2011/12 RC hole was drilled here and it collared in the mineralisation (oxide) intersecting 4m @ 5 g/t - need to step back from this collar to intersect the mineralisaton in fresh-rock. S/SPMC pit - no 2011/2012 drilling here despite there being visible gold.

The Company's 2022 rock-chip samples from this pit retuned up to 20 g/t Au. Twin a number of the 2011/2012 RC drill-holes to reproduce and possibly better these intersections, taking care to position and orientate the holes. The following historic RC holes have been identified for 'twinning' BRC050: 2 m @ 61.80 g/t Au from 74 m BRC019: 7 m @ 5.69 g/t Au from 10 m BRC037: 10 m @ 6.20 g/t Au from 11 m BRC044: 23m m @ 1.06 g/t Au from 57 m ended in mineralisation BRC011: 2 m @ 9.7 g/t Au from 44 m. Test the 'fold-hinge' target at the west end of the area.

It is anticipated that the ground magnetic survey will firm-up on the interpretation of this hinge target. At the Company's Tuzon deposit the thickness of the mineralisation is several times thicker around fold hinges indicating that this could potentially be similar at Bukon Jedeh.