Ora Banda Mining Limited announce updated estimates for its Davyhurst Gold Project ("DGP") Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves as at 30 June 2023. The Mineral Resource Statement for Riverina Area, British Lion, Silver Tongue, Forehand, Sand King, Missouri, Waihi, Callion and Golden Eagle is reported according to the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (the JORC Code) 2012 edition. DGP Mineral Resources are now 1.8M oz compared to 2.0M oz in FY23. Lady Ida Resources totalling 318 oz have been removed from the statement in anticipation of the conclusion to the sale of applicable Lady Ida Tenements. Significant additions to the DGP Mineral Resources come from Riverina Underground, reported on 16 February 2022, where ounces increased by 50% to 303,000 oz. Missouri Mineral Resources were re-estimated and depleted for mining as at 30 June 2023, resulting in a minor reduction in ounces. Sand King Open Pit Mineral Resources were re-estimated, resulting in a minor increase (6%) in ounces. The Sand King Underground Mineral Resource remains unchanged. The Waihi Mineral Resource was re-estimated resulting in a 6% increase in ounces. All Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources within the pit envelopes were included in the Probable Ore Reserve estimate, where the resource exceeded the economic cut-off grade, following the application of mining dilution and ore loss modifying factors. Any Inferred Mineral Resource contained within the optimised pit envelopes was treated as waste with zero grade. Existing surface stockpiles are not included in the Mineral Resources. The Ore Reserve was estimated from the relevant Mineral Resource estimates referred to in this announcement. These Mineral Resources were depleted to 30 June 2023. The Ore Reserve was generated from design studies using current costs as well as geotechnical, dilution and recovery parameters. Costs were derived from the FY24 budget estimate including contract pricing current at the date of this Ore Reserve. Unit costs for haulage, processing and site overheads were estimated based on full utilisation of process plant capacity using material above the economic cut-off grade. Full
utilisation of process capacity is reliant on realising expected conversion of further Mineral Resource to Ore Reserve or supplementing plant feed by toll treating third party sources. Mineral Resource updates and mining depletions are factored in alongside operational efficiencies to form a robust business case on which to build a strong future for Ora Banda. The
Mineral Resource of 1.8Moz also provides extensive future organic growth opportunities for the Company. All economic Mineral Resource within the mining envelopes classified as Measured was classified as Proved within the Ore Reserve following the application of modifying factors. All economic Mineral Resource within the mining envelopes classified as Indicated was classified as Probable within the Ore Reserve following the application of modifying factors. All surface stockpiles above the economic cut-off were classified as Proved.