Neoen has announced that its main shareholder Impala has entered into exclusive negotiations with Brookfield, as well as with the Fonds Stratégique de Participations managed by ISALT, Cartusia and Xavier Barbaro and other shareholders, with a view to acquiring around 53.32% of the existing Neoen shares at a price of E39.85 per share.

Oddo BHF reports that Brookfield's offer implies a valuation of E6.1 billion for 100% of the shares.

Even if this sale by Impala comes a little earlier than we had expected (we had counted on Impala exiting from 2026), it will enable the group to find the financial resources to pursue its development at an accelerated pace", analyzes the broker.

In this context, Oddo BHF modifies its recommendation from "Outperform" to "Support the offer", as soon as it is launched.

The analyst has also raised its target price for the share from 35.5 to 39.9 euros.

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