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Diversified Investment Services

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Managers TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 59 22-12-02
Chairman 48 16-12-31
Director of Finance/CFO 55 18-08-05
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 75 -
Director/Board Member 54 -
Director/Board Member 63 21-05-27
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Natixis SA is a France-based company engaged in banking, financial and investment services. The Company's main business lines are: Corporate and Investment Banking, Investment Solutions, Specialized Financial Services and Financial Stake. Corporate and Investment Banking is comprised of advisory services for development projects, investment and risk management products, and financing of specific activities. The Investment Solutions line combines asset management, insurance, private banking and private equity services. The Specialized Financial Services line provides solutions for retail banks, such as consumer finance, factoring, guarantees and sureties, leasing and film industry financing services. Natixis SA operates through its numerous subsidiaries, such as Gateway Investment Advisers LLC, Hansberger Group, Inc., Harris Alternatives Holding Inc., AEW Luxembourg, Dalenys SA, among others.
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