(the third paragraph should correctly read: third pay rise of 3.5 rpt 3.5 percent)

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Air passengers no longer have to fear major strikes in German air traffic this summer. The last major professional group in the industry has concluded the key points of a new collective agreement with Lufthansa cabin crew, as the Independent Flight Attendants Organization (Ufo) union announced in Frankfurt on Thursday.

The long three-year term guarantees collective bargaining peace in the cabin until the end of 2026. The salaries of the almost 19,000 employees will rise by 17.4 percent in three stages, including the interest effect. Some bonuses will also be increased. In addition, the payment of an inflation compensation bonus of 3,000 euros was agreed at the earliest possible date. The agreement is still subject to the approval of Ufo members in a new ballot.

The union had originally demanded 15 percent more money for half the 18-month term. Salaries will now be increased by 8 percent on May 1 of this year, by 5 percent on March 1, 2025 and finally by 3.5 percent on March 1, 2026. This results in an increase of 17.4 percent for the entire period with the interest effect. Ufo has also undertaken not to call for industrial action for three months after the collective agreement expires at the turn of the year 2026/27.

Ufo last brought Lufthansa's flight operations to a standstill with a strike on March 12. The cabin crew union refrained from another strike over Easter. The key points of the agreement reached afterwards have already been approved by the committees of the union and the company.

It does not cover the employees on the aircraft of Lufthansa subsidiary Cityline and Discover. Ufo again reported progress in the talks on the respective company wage agreements, but no solutions have yet been found. The dispute at the vacation airline Discover had also put a strain on the talks at the Lufthansa parent company. Pilots and flight attendants at the vacation airline, which was founded almost three years ago, want to push through their first collective agreements.

Before Easter, Lufthansa and Verdi settled the wage dispute among Lufthansa ground staff with the help of arbitration. The result was accepted by Verdi members with 94.5 percent approval. The pilots have been bound by a long-term collective agreement for some time. Last weekend, a compromise was also reached through arbitration for the private aviation security staff at airports. In the spring, the three professional groups took it in turns to strike and paralyze large parts of German air traffic./ceb/DP/nas