FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - The major German vacation airlines Eurowings and Condor consider the economic consequences of the insolvency of tour operator FTI to be manageable. They are currently awaiting decisions from the insolvency administrator, said a spokesman for the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings in Koln on Wednesday. The reserved seats could not be marketed again before then. Like Condor, Eurowings did not give any figures on the seats blocked by FTI.

According to sources, the FTI contingents at both airlines had recently become smaller. According to reports, the tourism company had to pay for the tickets with both airlines on the day of the flight at the latest. These are standard market conditions.

"We assume that the gap created by the insolvency of FTI will also be closed by the market in the short term," explained a Condor spokeswoman. To this end, tour operators such as Tui have already launched special sales campaigns. Under the Eurowings Holidays brand, there are also all-inclusive packages with special conditions for FTI guests who are currently unable to travel. Proof of the original travel confirmation must be provided during the booking process. According to the airline spokesperson, there has already been a sharp increase in interest in the alternative travel offers.

Condor and Eurowings renewed their promises that they would not leave FTI customers at their destinations, but would fly all tourists home. On Tuesday, the Lufthansa vacation airline Discover Airlines had already reported that it was affected by the FTI bankruptcy. "FTI is a very important partner for Discover," explained airline boss Bernd Bauer. The effects are currently being examined./ceb/DP/men