Ixico PLC - neuroscience focused advanced analytics company - Collaborates with IMEKA Solutions Inc, to provide access to Imeka's suite of services for white matter imaging deployed in Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis clinical trials, amongst other CNS indications. Says Imeka's diffusion MRI algorithms will be made available to Ixico's global biopharma clients.

Ixico says: "White matter are areas of the brain that primarily consists of myelinated axons. In the brain, white matter is found closer to the centre of the brain, whereas the outer cortex is mainly grey matter."

Ixico Chief Executive Giulio Cerroni says: ''We are pleased to be partnering with Imeka to further the understanding of debilitating neurological diseases through the power of advanced imaging technology, in the hope that our partnership will bring clarity and accessibility to previously untapped possibilities of image analysis."

Current stock price: 8.50 pence

12-month change: down 62%

By Sophie Rose, Alliance News senior reporter

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