Business description: ITT Inc.

ITT Inc. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for the transportation, industrial and energy markets. Its segments include Motion Technologies (MT), Industrial Process (IP), and Connect & Control Technologies (CCT). The MT segment manufactures brake components and specialized sealing solutions, shock absorbers and damping technologies primarily for the global automotive, truck and trailer, public bus and rail transportation markets. The IP segment manufactures engineered fluid process equipment serving a diversified mix of customers in global industries such as chemical, energy, mining, and other industrial process markets and is a provider of plant optimization and efficiency solutions and aftermarket services and parts. The CCT segment manufactures connector solutions, critical energy absorption, flow control components, and composite materials for the aerospace and defense, general industrial, medical, and energy markets.

Number of employees: 10,600

Sales by Activity: ITT Inc.

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023

Motion Technologies

1.24B 1.12B 1.37B 1.37B 1.46B

Industrial Process

944M 843M 843M 971M 1.13B

Connect & Control Technologies

664M 516M 555M 646M 699M


-3.1M -2.8M -1.5M -2.9M -3.8M
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Geographical breakdown of sales: ITT Inc.

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023

United States

989M 811M 843M 979M 1.08B

Europe (Excl. Germany)

605M 534M 592M 583M 659M


391M 335M 418M 405M 388M


- - 306M 308M 352M

North America (Excl. United States)

203M 172M 207M 242M 288M

Asia (Excl. China)

- - 185M 217M 221M

Middle East and Africa

133M 112M 117M 144M 170M

South America

98.3M 99.5M 96.4M 111M 131M

Asia Pacific

427M 414M - - -
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Managers: ITT Inc.

Manager TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 58 11-10-31
Human Resources Officer 57 13-05-31
Corporate Officer/Principal 52 15-12-31
Comptroller/Controller/Auditor 46 10-10-31
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Members of the board: ITT Inc.

Director TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 75 11-09-30
Director/Board Member 71 13-11-30
Chairman 75 15-01-31
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Shareholders: ITT Inc.

Capital Research & Management Co. (International Investors)
11.44 %
9,413,130 11.44 % 1 216 M $
Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.
10.24 %
8,425,023 10.24 % 1 088 M $
BlackRock Advisors LLC
8.371 %
6,889,548 8.371 % 890 M $
Fidelity Management & Research Co. LLC
7.939 %
6,533,841 7.939 % 844 M $
JPMorgan Investment Management, Inc.
7.818 %
6,434,123 7.818 % 831 M $
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Company details: ITT Inc.

ITT, Inc.

100 Washington Boulevard 6th floor

06902, Stamford

+914 641 2000
address ITT Inc.(ITT)

Group companies: ITT Inc.

NameCategory and Sector
Industrial Machinery
Financial Conglomerates
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Other Industrial Machinery & Equipment

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Change 5d. change 1-year change 3-years change Capi. ($)
+0.88%-0.67%+44.59%+46.79% 11.67B
+1.14%-7.00%+26.43%+27.29% 81.08B
-0.08%-2.99%+38.73%+79.88% 70.91B
+0.30%-0.09%+53.62%+106.23% 40.44B
+0.99%-0.38%+23.69%+14.17% 34.12B
+0.08%-2.84%+3.24%+10.63% 26.99B
-0.52%-7.03%-10.51%-16.23% 25.88B
-0.42%-0.83%+4.82%-5.20% 25.06B
-0.43%-5.81%+18.57%+9.79% 24.79B
-1.72%-5.70%+12.93%-28.40% 22.52B
Average +0.02%-2.65%+21.61%+24.50% 36.35B
Weighted average by Cap. +0.20%-3.30%+24.97%+34.51%
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