Interactive Brokers announced the availability of Daily Options on the CAC 40® index, further expanding Interactive Brokers? robust product suite. Daily Options on the CAC 40® index provide experienced investors with another means to execute short-term trading strategies and manage exposure to the French stock market.

Daily Options on the CAC 40® index cater to growing demand from institutional and retail investors for options with daily expirations. These options offer a unique opportunity to engage in short-term trading strategies with potentially lower costs due to their shorter time frame and thus decreased time value. Key Benefits for Options Traders at Interactive Brokers include: Comprehensive Offering: Access to options markets worldwide, including major indexes like the CAC 40®, alongside stocks, bonds, funds, and more; Advanced Tools: State-of-the-art trading platforms that provide algorithmic trading options, risk management tools, and market scanners that help identify trading opportunities; Competitive Pricing: Low cost of execution, which can significantly impact the profitability of high-frequency options trading; Education and Support: Extensive resources, including webinars, courses, and tutorials tailored to both novice and experienced options traders.

Interactive Brokers has long been recognized for its advanced trading technology and wide range of products, making it possible for traders to access global markets efficiently. The introduction of Daily Options on the CAC 40® index aligns with the company's strategy to continuously enhance its product offerings and support the trading strategies of its global clients.