FusionIQ announced its integration with automated global electronic broker Interactive Brokers in Canada. This is a major milestone in FusionIQ's commitment to giving advisors an easy on-ramp to digital transformation with cutting-edge technology and seamless workflows. Through this integration, FusionIQ is now a third-party portfolio management software provider linked with Interactive Brokers Canada, solidifying its position in North America as a premier choice for financial advisors seeking easy-to-implement solutions to enhance client experiences and streamline their operations to scale for profitable organic growth.

The Interactive Brokers Canada integration will initially unlock a range of benefits for portfolio managers, including access to the Hybrid Digital Advice platform in FIQ Journey. This platform seamlessly connects the front, middle, and back offices in a single digital workflow, offering process automations to enhance practice efficiencies and drive scalable growth for portfolio managers. Chief benefits of FIQ Journey's Hybrid Digital Advice platform for portfolio managers include: White-labeled investor websites to build brand recognition and credibility in the market; Digital-first client experiences including a mobile app that is tailored to meet evolving investor preferences; Multilingual structure to create growth opportunities within Canada's diverse ethnic communities; Access to a mass affluent solution to fuel firm growth and engage the next generation of investors.

Hybrid Digital Advice is one of four modules on the cloud-native FusionIQ One platform that delivers the most comprehensive features and deepest functionality in an all-in-one solution, providing a frictionless digital workflow across its core modules and powering a suite of easy-to-implement products including FIQ Journey.