FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Technology stocks are having a comparatively difficult time on Wednesday. After the recent record chase on the Nasdaq, the indices there had not reached a new high the previous evening. And there will be no new impetus in the middle of the week due to the US holiday.

Investor restraint was particularly noticeable in the Dax at Infineon. The weak semiconductor shares returned to their 50-day line and have now lost almost 10 percent since last Thursday's high for the year. Over the past three months, however, they are still one of the best performers on the DAX, up eleven percent.

The situation is completely different for Aixtron, the weakest tech stock in the MDax on Wednesday. They have halved in value since 2024 and have also lost a quarter of their value in the past three months. Since the weak outlook at the end of February, the shares have only ever found buyers for a short time./ag/mis