The Board of Directors of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited resolved at the meeting of the Board held on 29 April 2024 that Mr. Zhang Shouchuan be appointed as Senior Executive Vice President of the Bank. After the Board considered and approved Mr. Zhang Shouchuan's appointment, the qualification is further subject to the approval of the National Administration of Financial Regulation. Zhang Shouchuan, male, Chinese nationality, born in January 1973.

Prior to joining Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Mr. Zhang Shouchuan has been working at Bank of China, where he served as Chief of the Secretary Division for Evaluation and Chief of the Risk Planning Team of the Risk Management Department of the Head Office of the Bank of China, and since November 2007, he has successively served as Deputy General Manager of the Risk Management Department and concurrently Director of the Basel II Planning and Coordination Office, Vice President and concurrently Chief Risk Officer of Shandong Branch. He has served as President of Inner Mongolia Branch since December 2016, Director of the Executive Office of the Head Office since March 2018, and President of Shanghai Branch and concurrently Executive Vice President of Shanghai RMB Trading Unit since January 2021. Mr. Zhang Shouchuan graduated from Renmin University of China and obtained a doctorate degree in economics.

He is an economist.