Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited announced Mr. Guan Xueqing, the Board Secretary of the Bank, tendered his resignation to the Bank on 29 April 2024, resigning from the position of the Board Secretary and Company Secretary of the Bank due to his age. Mr. Guan Xueqing has confirmed that he has no disagreement with the Board of Directors of the Bank and there are no other matters relating to his resignation that need to be brought to the attention of the shareholders and creditors of the Bank. In accordance with the Rules Governing the Listing of Stocks on Shanghai Stock Exchange, Mr. Duan Hongtao, Senior Executive Vice President of the Bank shall perform the duties of the Board Secretary after the resignation of Mr. Guan Xueqing.

The Bank will appoint new Board Secretary and Company Secretary as soon as practicable and publish an announcement in a timely manner in accordance with relevant regulations. During his term as the Board Secretary of the Bank, Mr. Guan Xueqing has performed his duties diligently and conscientiously and made important contributions to the corporate governance, operation of the Board of Directors, information disclosure, investor relations management, strategic equity investment, ESG management and other aspects of the Bank.