Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that HPE Asset Upcycling Services have been selected by Astellas Pharma Inc. Starting in Canada, these services provide the collection and processing of end-of-use network equipment as part of the company's network standardization project and will contribute to Astellas' efforts to achieve its sustainability goals. A first collection of networking assets is taking place in Canada, with other Astellas sites to follow, starting with the Japanese headquarters where hundreds of technology assets, including networking, servers, PCs, and smartphones will be decommissioned for secure refurbishment. Each year, Astellas teams will be receiving their own HPE Circular Economy report, which details the reuse versus recycle rate by product family and the associated environmental impact savings.

HPE Asset Upcycling services is part of HPE's full range of solutions to help customers modernize multi-generational IT estates, extend the life of legacy systems and associated software, and extract value from end-of-use technology. Astellas selected HPE Asset UpcyclingServices for its consistent global quality of service in securely processing and refurbishing end-of-use hardware, including network assets, storage, servers, and workplace devices across multiple brands. Astellas also selected HPE Aruba Networking solutions to strengthen its backbone network.

A secure, agile, and dynamic network is critical to support the research, discovery, development, and manufacturing of innovative new medicines. Astellas, with operations, R&D centers, and manufacturing sites in more than 70 countries worldwide, requires a scalable, resilient, and reliable infrastructure that eliminates network silos and can be managed centrally. HPE Aruba Networking Central, a cloud-based networking solution, will deliver AI-powered analytics, end-to-end automation and orchestration, and advanced security for unified management and enhanced IT productivity.