Chiome Bioscience Inc. announced that the target-specific research and option agreement has been concluded with Heidelberg Pharma. Under this agreement, their therapeutic anti-CDCP1 antibody called PCDC will be granted access to the ATAC platform, Heidelberg Pharma's antibody targeted amanitin conjugate technology. Amanitin is a toxin found in several species of mushrooms. With ATAC platform, amanitin is conjugated to their anti-CDCP1 antibody. In the preclinical study, the amanitin conjugated
anti-CDCP1 antibody has shown significant anti-tumor activities in vitro and in vivo. Under this agreement, they will further reinforce the data package of PCDC and accelerate their out-licensing activities. Upon this conclusion of this agreement, they will pay license fees to Heidelberg Pharma. However, the impact on R & D expenses for the fiscal year ended December 2022 is minor.