(Alliance News) - The following stocks are the best and worst performers on Italy Growth on Wednesday afternoon in Piazza Affari.




Health Italia rises 8.1 percent after rising 2.6 percent in the past month and 59 percent in the past six. Over the past year, the stock has given up 6.4 percent.

The company announced Wednesday that German broker GBC AG has issued a "research start coverage on the stock," with a 'buy' recommendation and a target price of EUR4.00 per share.

"The rating by GBC reflects the company's key strengths such as, for example, its nationwide coverage, which provides access to a broad customer base and opens up prospects for expansion into new potential markets and in addition, the Group's integrated offering along the entire value chain that enhances competitiveness. Health Italia's solid positioning in a steadily growing industry provides a stable foundation for sustainable success over time," reads the press note.


Imprendiroma follows with 5.3 percent after rallying 28 percent in the last month and 8.5 in the last six months. In the past year, the stock has given up 6.5 percent instead.




Estrima retreats 8.8 percent. On Tuesday evening, the company announced that the board of directors resolved to assign CEO Matteo Maestri to manage and monitor the preparation of a new business plan that will be submitted to the board of directors no later than September 27, the date of approval of the half-yearly report.

In the last month, the stock has lost 28 percent, also marking a red in the half-year - by 45 percent - and in the last year, amounting to minus 38 percent.


Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment is down 3.9% after rising 1.0% in the last month. In the last six months, the stock has given up 36% and in the last year has lost nearly 47%.


By Chiara Bruschi, Alliance News reporter

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