Haitian High-efficiency Water Saving Solution for Drip Irrigation Application


China has entered the critical stage of leaping from "big agricultural country" to "agricultural power". At the moment of consolidating the foundation of food security in an all-round way, "storing grain in the ground and storing grain in technology" can make the "Chinese rice bowl" be fuller, be held more firmly and be more worthy.

As one of the most water-saving irrigation technologies for farmland irrigation so far, drip irrigation technology is mainly used for the irrigation system that drips water slowly to the soil under low pressure through drippers on main pipes, branch pipes and capillary pipes, and directly supplies filtered water, fertilizer or other chemicals to the soil. The system does not spray water or run water in ditches, but drips the water out slowly to the soil under the action of gravity and capillary. Water dripped near the roots of crops often keeps the soil in the main root zone of crops in the optimal water content.

1. Advantages of advanced drip irrigation technology
  • Anti-siphon function
    prevent the blockage from being sucked into the dripper from the outside of the dripper to cause blocking. The technology is especially suitable for buried installation;
  • Continuous self-cleaning function
    continuously flush the debris that can pass through the filtering surface during the entire irrigation process instead of flushing only when the irrigation is started and stopped to ensure that the entire irrigation process is not interrupted;
  • High anti-blocking function
    self-cleaning system and wide filtering surface strengthen the anti-blocking function, and the Uniram drip irrigation pipe with high anti-blocking function can be used in irrigation systems with poor water quality;
  • Device to prevent plant root invasion
    the device, not relying on chemicals, can prevent plant root invasion and protect the dripper well.
2. Haitian solution for drip irrigation application

In view of the raised requirements for machine efficiency in the drip irrigation industry, Haitian has optimized the solution to help grain yield increase:

  1. Faster injection speed and easier product molding to improve production efficiency;
  2. Special plasticized screw to improve the plasticizing performance;
  3. Faster and more stable mold clamping open and close to shorten the cycle time;
  4. Better overall rigidity of the body to ensure stability and reliability during rapid production;
  5. More versatile model to work with all kinds of drip irrigation molds on the market.
Special equipment: HA3000/1350ara

1. High-efficiency plasticized screw

Special plasticized screw is adopted

2. High-rigidity mold closing mechanism

Professional software is subject to finite element optimization for high rigidity and high strength and support of faster growth structure during dry cycle

3. Long-term stable operation

The pallet-less tail platen greatly reduces the chance of breaking the tie bar due to stress, and ensures that the mold is closed in an ideal state in a long-term high-speed and high-pressure working environment



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