Good Energy Group PLC has launched a number of new innovative products as it continues to scale its offering. Scaling solar services: In October, Good Energy launched its new smart export tariff. Open to all households generating their own clean power, Solar Savings offers rewards for the electricity customers share.

The Company is now offering a rate of 15p per kWh - a 50% increase on the previous rate of 10p per kWh delivered under the pilot of the tariff which launched earlier this year. The new product is a step towards Good Energy's ambition to be the UK's go-to company for solar services. As the country's second largest administrator of the Feed-in Tariff, the precursor to smart export tariffs, it is already a significant player in this market and has an engaged existing customer base.

Solar Savings will more than double the export earnings of Feed-in Tariff (FiT) customers. Households looking to switch to Solar Savings must also switch to or already be supplied by Good Energy on the Company's Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). A further enhanced rate of 20p/kWh is being offered to customers who have had a solar installation through Good Energy's subsidiary Wessex ECO Energy and are on Good Energy's SVT.

This is the best flat rate smart export tariff currently available on the market. The Company has launched time-based energy matching for all of its business customers. The new service provides Good Energy customers with 24-hour 'carbon-free energy' (CFE) data which means that larger business customers will be able to track their usage to inform how they shift their energy demand and consequentially lower their carbon impact.

Time-based energy matching is a solution to more accurately certify renewable energy generation and usage than the current unit based standards like the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) scheme in the UK. It has gained significant traction globally with the likes of Google adopting CFE and the UN creating a 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact. Good Energy is the first supplier in the UK if not globally to offer the service to all business customers, taking an industry leading position.

Combined, Good Energy's business customers use around a quarter of a terawatt hour of electricity in a year. The new service could have a material impact on their decarbonisation strategies. The Company is working with software provider Granular Energy to match its business customers' usage with 400 renewable generators across the UK.

Good Energy plans to increase this figure to its entire generator network of over 2,000 in the next 12 months. November Good Energy launched a new tariff to support the rapid growth of electric vehicles. The Good Energy Standard (Smart EV) tariff offers an off-peak rate of 9.41p/kWh, among the lowest on the market, from midnight until 4.59am.

Peak rates start at 34.63p/kWh and vary by region. Customers will need to have a smart meter to access the off-peak rates, for which the Company can arrange free installation. The new tariff will be promoted to the rapidly growing audience of EV drivers using Zapmap.

The 49.9% Good Energy owned EV charging app and data company now has over 700,000 registered users.