The low-price DIY store jem & fix enters into a collaboration with Freetrailer. Initially, the agreement covers 126 jem & fix DIY stores in Denmark. In total, a minimum of 460 new trailers will be made available.

After a trip to the local discount DIY store, it can be difficult to fit building materials, garden furniture and home accessories in the car. That's why jem & fix has entered into a new partnership with Freetrailer. The agreement means that customers can now freely borrow a trailer, regardless of whether they have shopped in the local store or not.

jem & fix's current trailer rental has been available only to customers who have made a purchase at jem & fix. With the Freetrailer solution, jem & fix gains access to Freetrailer's booking platform, which has more than 1 million annual visitors. This opens up a broad target group that is introduced to the jem & fix stores.

The long-term cooperation agreement between the two parties means that in the fall of 2023, jem & fix's existing fleet of trailers will be replaced with open and closed trailers. jem & fix's customers will also have easy access to reserve a trailer in advance via Freetrailer's online platform and self-service app. A platform that is currently used by more than 1 million users across Denmark, Sweden and Norway.