Fiverr announced its Winter Product Release, the first of two major releases in 2024. This is more than just an update; it's an innovative response to the feedback from the freelancers and businesses Fiverr has served over the last 14 years. New features include a Consulting Category of top-tier industry experts, the introduction of Fiverr Agencies, designed to meet the unique needs of agency teams, and an actionable rating and review system, among others.

Fiverr continues to mold its platform to empower its community and further its position as a trusted partner for any digital service. Fiverr Agencies, which will be available across Fiverr and Fiverr Pro, will make it easier for agency teams to build their client base and for client prospects to find them. Businesses can access a detailed profile of an agency's capabilities, including a full view into their team and past work, to gain a deep understanding of how collaborating with an agency can bring their brand to life.

Building on quality and transparency across Fiverr's global marketplace Businesses and freelancers will experience more personalization and gain access to essential insights to guide their journey. New Consulting Category - Industry experts in legal, finance, business, AI, and more are now available on demand in their specialist areas. Consultants provide essential advice and support for businesses to scale by guiding them on topics from e-commerce to data, software to marketing, and website development, among many others.

New Ratings, Reviews, and Leveling System - Based on feedback from the community, Fiverr is proud to unveil a radical level of transparency for freelancers and the businesses that hire them. Freelancers will now receive data, actionable feedback, and tools to help them reach their full potential. These changes will help them sharpen their craft and the services they offer and gain valuable perspectives on their client relationships - something that doesn't often happen in the offline world.

Home - Fiverr's transformed homepage will offer more personalization, seamless navigation, and additional control, simplifying access to the right freelance talent for businesses. Leveraging "Fiverr Neo," Fiverr's AI-powered copilot technology, businesses will get tailored service recommendations to enhance their projects. On Fiverr Pro, where medium to large businesses can find expert talent, new products support advanced collaboration and enhanced productivity.

Fiverr Pro Freelancer Briefing - To ease the hiring and onboarding of expert freelancers, businesses can now write a brief with AI assistance. These documents can be saved, repurposed, and shared with multiple team members to edit and boost efficient collaboration. Fiverr Pro FreELance Network - Designed to keep a business's go-to freelancers and agencies in one place that can be easily referenced and shared amongst their team, the 'Freelance Network' will smooth the re-hiring and retention of these favored freelancers while increasing productivity.

Fiverr Pro Rich Freelancer Profiles - Fiverr Pro freelancers can now bolster their profiles with previous work experience and client endorsement from outside of Fiverr. This makes starting as a Fiverr Pro freelancer more compelling while providing clients with a full view of past work experiences. Fiverr Pro Community - This new community is dedicated to knowledge-sharing opportunities and training resources to elevate Fiverr Pro performance ?

and advance their business on Fiverr.