Expedia Group announced at EXPLORE, its annual partner conference in Las Vegas, the travel industry's most innovative and comprehensive release of 40+ new products and features. ROMIE - Your Roaming AI Buddy Let's face it, we'd all love to have someone help the company work out all the details of the company's trip based on the company's preferences. Travelers now have that option with Romie, the travel industry's first AI assistant designed to roam the world with and have back at every step of trip.

Romie assists with planning, shopping, booking and even lends a hand when something unexpectedly changes during a trip ? serving as travel agent, concierge and personal assistant, all in one. Like the ideal travel companion, Romie gets progressively intelligent ?

learning who you are, remembering what type of trips like, and even if prefer Italian food and boutique hotels or an afternoon hiking through nature. The alpha version of the Romie experience is currently available on EG Labs, a hub for experimental products: Group Chat Trip Planning: Invite Romie to join SMS group chat and listen to vacation plans. If want some advice, just @Romie to get suggestions on where to go or what to do, like would a travel agent.

Smart Search: Ask Romie to summarize group chat and bring what they learned about trip straight into Expedia shopping experience. Personalize search even more by adding own filters like rooftop views and early check-in to find ideal hotel faster. Building Your Itinerary: Like any good concierge, new AI buddy is eager to help build perfect trip.

Romie can pull in travel information from emails and suggest restaurants and activities near hotel that they think and group will enjoy. Dynamic Service: You can rely on Romie to troubleshoot with when things don't go as planned. Like the perfect personal assistant, Romie monitors weather changes or last-minute disruptions that may impact plans and has alternative suggestions ready that are convenient for you.

Intelligent Assistance: Throughout trip, Romie updates itinerary in real time so anyone in the group chat with FOMO can see what you're up to, and anyone that needs to pick you up from the airport can simply @Romie to check what time land. 2024 Spring Product Release: In the company's 2024 Spring Product Release, the company leveraged the power of AI to eliminate confusion and stress for travelers across tasks like planning, booking management, and customer service. Trust ?

want to get on the plane en route to destination as fast as possible and free up some of time to worry about what matters the most, making lasting memories. The company's travel partners, the cornerstone of marketplace, can leverage investments in AI and machine learning with new tools that safeguard their business, control rate integrity, and provide actionable insights on service. Traveler Product Highlights: Personalized Itinerary Builder: For the first time, travelers can create customized itineraries for upcoming trips based on AI-generated recommendations tailored to trip and saved items. Available this summer on the Expedia app in the U.S. Self-Service Booking Management: Navigate hassle-free changes, cancellations, and air credit redemption for bookings directly in the app or on the web.

Available this summer on Expedia and Hotels.com globally. Get Help Fast: Who actually reads the fine print. Thanks to the company's advancements in AI, travelers can find the solutions they need fast in the company's completely updated Help Center.

Available now on Expedia and Hotels.com® in the U.S. Price Comparison: Travelers can now compare prices for hotels and flights across dates, so can travel within budget. Available this summer on Expedia and Hotels.com in the U.S. Destination Comparison: Sit back, relax and let the company's GenAI tools help discover and compare new destinations worth visiting for you. Available this summer on Expedia, Hotels.com and Vrbo globally.

Guest Review Summary: Save time sorting through thousands of reviews. Using GenAI technology, Expedia summarizes guest reviews upfront, so don't have to. Partner Product Highlights: Fraud Prevention as a Service (FPaaS): The company industry has lost over $21 billion annually to fraudulent transactions.1 It's time to safeguard business from financial loss.

The company's FPaaS solution helps screen bookings, reduce unauthorized account access and minimize chargeback losses. Advertiser-Funded Loyalty: It's time destination partners cash in on the loyalty game. And now they can by funding OneKeyCash?

for travelers booking hotels. Optimized Distribution for Hoteliers: Optimized Distribution is now available to regional chains and independent hotels, bringing properties more control over their inventory and pricing. Guest Experience: AI-powered insights identify recurring negative sentiments in reviews and deliver personalized recommendations to hosts to create a better experience for travelers.

Seasonal Cancellation Policy: Have more control over your vacation rental with Vrbo's date-based cancellation policy, all from a single page. Travel Shops debut on May 14, 2024 as a new storefront, allowing creators to share and save their travel recommendations in one central place on the Expedia app ? saving travelers from spending hours scrolling on social media to find past recommendations and new inspiration.

This new storefront allows content creators to earn commission, increase visibility and customize their own personalized space for travel content. Advertising partners will soon be able to spotlight destinations with shoppable links across social channels or partner with handpicked travel influencers to sponsor a collection via their channels. At EXPLORE, the company revealed the world's leading travel media network.

Building on two decades of advertising experience from Expedia Group Media Solutions, the travel media network leverages first-party traveler intent and purchase data, so advertising partners reach even more travelers across the purchase journey. Advertising partners benefit from: In-house Creative Team: Collaborate on inspiring, actionable and shoppable campaigns with in-house creative team to reach highly relevant audiences across multiple platforms. Advertising Tools: Target high-intent travelers with industry-leading onsite advertising tools such as TravelAds, connecting travel audience to 200 booking sites in 70+ countries. Offsite Capabilities: Leverage first-party travel intent data to meet travelers wherever they are online, such as YouTube and Connected TV.

Global Network and Scale: Develop curated media campaigns with expert media teams, using partnerships such as Netflix and Disney+, and tap into Expedia Group's vast B2B network of over 60,000 partners to extend global footprints to new markets and audiences.