FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Deutsche Beteiligungs AG intends to pay a lower dividend for the past financial year 2022/23 than expected by equity analysts. The SDax-listed company surprisingly announced on Monday evening in Frankfurt that the distribution per share for the financial year ending in September will be increased by 20 cents to one euro compared to the previous year. However, this is less than experts had previously expected. According to the company, the average estimate was 1.26 euros.

However, the company also announced that it would pay at least one euro per share in direct profit sharing in future. The dividend payout had fluctuated significantly in recent years. The dividend for 2021/22 was just 80 cents; the year before it was 1.60 euros. For 2019/20, on the other hand, it was again only 80 cents. "In addition, the possibility of share buybacks will be considered more regularly in future."

The company also announced the key figures for the past financial year on Monday evening. Consolidated net profit amounted to around 106 million euros and was therefore in the upper half of the forecast range of 85 to 115 million euros, as announced in the summer. The Group had suffered a loss in 2021/22. The net asset value as at September 30 amounted to around 669 (previous year: 574) million euros. This large figure is therefore also in the upper half of the forecast range, as announced./zb/ajx