DeFi Technologies Inc. (Company) announced that it has deployed a Core Chain validator node to act as an independent validator for the network. The launch of the node is part of the company's DeFi Infrastructure business line, contributing to the mission of decentralized finance. The Company will also stake 1,498 BTC on the Core Chain.

This initiative follows the strategic collaboration between DeFi Technologies and Core Foundation, announced earlier this year on May 15, 2024, aimed first at developing innovative Bitcoin Exchange Traded Products ("ETPs"). This partnership included the launch of groundbreaking products such as Valour's Yield Bearing BTC ETP and an upcoming novel CORE ETP, leveraging Core Chain's unique blockchain features to introduce yield opportunities through BTC staking. Core Chain is a cutting-edge, Bitcoin-powered, EVM-compatible blockchain that integrates Bitcoin miners and BTC stakers into its security in exchange for rewards.

Validators are a fundamental component of Core's consensus mechanism, Satoshi Plus consensus, responsible for validating transactions and producing blocks on the Core network. By processing transactions and participating in consensus, DeFi Technologies will support the growth and performance of the Core Chain network. In connection with running the node, DeFi Technologies can receive rewards from securing transactions on Core Chain security.

Additionally, the Company is participating in staking 1,498 BTC, earning staking rewards through its wholly owned subsidiary, Valour Inc. Due to the unique nature of Core Chain's Satoshi Plus consensus, Bitcoin staking is non-custodial, allowing any Bitcoin holder to earn yield by staking their Bitcoin tokens without giving up custody.