DSM-Firmenich AG (ENXTAM:DSFIR) made a Voluntary transfer of offer to acquire remaining shares in DSM B.V. on May 14, 2024. The Enterprise Chamber ordered all remaining DSM shareholders to transfer the unencumbered right to their Shares to the Company. It determined that ?116 is the fair price per Share, subject to an increase by statutory interest calculated from May 3, 2023 until the date of transfer or consignment of the Shares, and a decrease by any distributions that become payable on the Shares in the aforementioned period.

The Company was ordered to pay this fair price plus statutory interest and minus distributions in exchange for the transfer of the unencumbered right to the Shares. The Company calls upon the DSM shareholders to effect the voluntary transfer to the Company of the unencumbered right to the Shares between now and July 2, 2024. On July 4, 2024, the Company will pay the price of ?100.38 per Share (i.e. the fair price per share of ?116, plus statutory interest from May 3, 2023 up to July 5, 2024 of ?6.96 and minus distributions of ?22.58) to those DSM shareholders that have voluntarily transferred their Shares before July 2, 2024.