Danone, DMC, Michelin and Crédit Agricole Centre France have joined forces to create a biotechnology industrial platform.

The creation of Biotech Open Platform will enable the development of advanced fermentation processes on a larger scale, and in particular precision fermentation, a revolutionary biotechnological process for the production of bio-based materials and ingredients.

This industrial and technological platform, which represents an investment of over 16 million euros in its first phase, will be located in Clermont-Ferrand at the Parc Cataroux Sustainable Materials Center, an innovation gas pedal supported by Michelin.

Precision fermentation is a cutting-edge technology that uses micro-organisms (such as bacteria, yeast or fungi) to produce proteins, enzymes and other molecules that can be used in industry. It fosters innovation, particularly in the agri-food and materials manufacturing sectors.

Frédéric Baraut, CEO of Crédit Agricole Centre France: ' Crédit Agricole Centre France is committed to supporting transformation and innovation in its region. Through our investment in Biotech Open Platform, we are contributing to the development of a new biosourced industry based in Clermont Ferrand, creating value and attractiveness for our region. '

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