Converge Technology Solutions Corp. announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Forum Systems to leverage QuantumSim, a Secure Multi-LLM Gateway. Converge and Forum's partnership combines cutting-edge GenAI capabilities together with IT expertise to augment Converge's advisory offerings.

It will allow clients deep insights into their organizational efficiency as well as enable them to deploy responsible GenAI at scale. Complex business challenges will be addressed through the three modules of QuantumSim -- QS SecureGPT, QS Contracts and QS Benefits. QS Contracts allows legal and procurement teams to quickly analyze contracts with LLMs, providing Converge's clients unparalleled insight into their contracts and IT ecosystem, ingesting thousands of contracts across an enterprise and assisting in rationalizing IT spend by identifying overlapping capabilities, inefficiencies, andredancies.

Additionally, this solution will allow business, legal, and procurement teams to interact with their contracts through public and private LLMs. QS ContractsGPT allows enterprises to: Establish a Source of Truth: By ingesting contract information from many sources including MSAs, EULAs, SOWs, Invoices, POs, and more; Build Corporate Memory: Establish contract lineage, standardize terms and conditions across contracts, and preserve SME analysis and risk templates; Reduce Risk & Redundant Costs: Evaluate inbound contract risks by comparing against supplier contract history and reducing overlapping product costs. Through QS Benefits, the partnership will positively impact Converge's clients across the healthcare ecosystem by standardizing benefits language and accelerating document discovery and analysis, ultimately leading to streamlined operations and improved member satisfaction.