BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - According to the credit agency, consumers should in future voluntarily give Schufa access to their current accounts or salary statements in order to improve their creditworthiness score. "The more you know about a person's financial circumstances, the better you can find the dividing line as to whether someone should still get one contract or another or not," Schufa boss Tanja Birkholz told the "Tagesspiegel" (Thursday). "Today, those affected receive a rejection in case of doubt."

Birkholz emphasized that the aim was to enable more participation. This could be achieved through more credit-relevant data. For example, consumers could allow the company to store positive data for longer than the current deletion regulations stipulate. They could also provide Schufa with new, positive information that is not yet known to Schufa.

The Schufa rating is important for consumers. Banks, mail order companies, mobile phone companies and energy suppliers ask private credit agencies such as Schufa about the creditworthiness of their customers.

The score is calculated on the basis of financial data that Schufa receives from its approximately 10,000 contractual partners. For example, the credit agency learns about the opening of a current account, the issuing of a credit card or the conclusion of a loan agreement. On the basis of this data, Schufa makes an assessment of how likely it is that consumers will meet their payment obligations. According to its own earlier statements, Schufa has data on 68 million people in Germany./sl/DP/zb