The board of directors of Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited announced that with effect from 11 April, 2024, Mr. Zhang Yue has been appointed as chief executive officer of the Company. Mr. Zhang, aged 40, was appointed as an executive Director and chief executive officer of the Company with effect from 11 April, 2024. Mr. Zhang has been appointed as the general manager of Shenyang Automobile Co.

Ltd. and the general manager of Huachen Automotive Group Holdings Company Limited since December 2023 and March 2024, respectively. He held various positions in a number of organizations from May 2021 to December 2023, including but not limited to member of the Standing Committee of Shenyang Dadong District Committee, deputy head of District Government, and deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of Shenyang-EU Economic Development Zone Management Committee. From November 2020 to May 2021, Mr. Zhang was the deputy secretary of the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League.

From December 2013 to November 2020, he served as the Director of the Research Division and the Director of the First Comprehensive Division of the Shenyang Municipal Party Committee Office and other positions. Mr. Zhang obtained a doctor's degree in Political Economy from The School of Economics Peking University in the People's Republic of China in 2011 and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Dalian University of Technology in the PRC in 2006.