BorgWarner New Energy (Xiangyang) Co. Ltd. has announced a collaboration with global industrial real estate company Goodman Group, and zero-emission long-haul truck developer Windrose Technology, to jointly develop 960kW fast-charging infrastructure for electric long-haul trucks for Goodman's properties in China. This fast-charging technology enables Windrose long-haul EV truck to replenish around 400km of range (full load of 49 tons) in under 36 minutes, and is a critical part of the decarbonization strategy of Decathlon China.

BorgWarner is the newest member of the collaboration and will provide the charging technology enabling customers to charge their Windrose trucks at Goodman's properties. The first project will be located at the Decathlon-operated warehouse in Goodman Citylink near Beijing, and will be the world's first operational megawatt-level super-charging infrastructure. Fast charging is a crucial part of Decathlon's overall strategy of low carbon logistics.

Joining forces to enable "low carbon" logistics. Goodman Group is a global industrial and logistics real estate developer, with a property portfolio that includes logistics warehouses, industrial parks and data centres. Goodman Group develops high-quality sustainable properties for customers in major markets around the world, and this cooperation on new energy heavy truck projects, is a key step in helping to reduce carbon emissions and operating costs for customers.

Windrose Technology is providing battery electric autonomous-ready heavy-duty truck solutions for Goodman China's customers. As a leading new energy charging technology solution provider, BorgWarner will provide decarbonisation support for Goodman China's customers' supply chain. In the first half of 2024, the parties will test and establish the first pilot charging station at Goodman Citylink near Beijing.

This cooperation will fully leverage the resources and technical expertise of each party in their respective fields, help accelerate the decarbonisation of logistics customers' operations, and contribute to the industry achieving a more efficient, cleaner and smarter future. 9,000kW liquid-cooled high-power supercharging charger resolves long wait times. At present, battery life and charging wait times are still common pain points faced by electric heavy-duty trucks.

In Europe, current EV trucks have a battery capacity of up to 600kWh, range of up to 500km, and charging speed of up to 400kW (CCS2). In China, Common EV heavy-duty truck batteries have a capacity of 280kWh or 350kWh, a rated voltage of 618V, a current of 400A, and a charging power of about 280kW. Windrose Technology's new generation of trucks have 729kWh of battery, a range of 600 kilometers under full load of 49 tons, and are equipped with an 800V high-voltage fast charging platform.

BorgWarner has tailored a 960kW liquid- coolinged high-power supercharging pile, consisting of a charging host and two liquid-cooled charging terminals. It can support dual-gun single-vehicle high-power super-fast charging, with a single-gun maximum output of up to 600A. It can replenish 400km of range for a Windrose truck in 36 minutes.

The charging speed is greatly improved compared to ordinary charging piles, which can mitigate long wait times and get customers' trucks back on the road faster, improving the operating efficiency of logistics parks. BorgWarner continues to advance its high-power charging technology. In the field of smart charging, BorgWarner has independently developed a full range of charging products and charging operation management cloud platforms, with products sold and project development in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.