FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - The active pharmaceutical ingredient researcher Morphosys and the industrial services provider Bilfinger will be back in the MDax for medium-sized companies this Monday, March 18. On the other hand, the electric drive specialist Vitesco will be relegated to the small cap index SDax. In the course of the takeover by major shareholder Schaeffler, the proportion of freely tradable Vitesco shares had fallen significantly.

On the other hand, the commercial kitchen equipment supplier Rational has to leave the MDax and is even leaving the Dax family altogether for the time being. It had failed to comply with a criterion from the German Corporate Governance Code, the recommendations for good corporate governance. Specifically, the term of office of the Chairman of the Audit Committee on the Supervisory Board was the reason for his exclusion. Hans Maerz has exceeded the twelve-year limit as a Supervisory Board member and is therefore no longer considered independent under the applicable rules. Meanwhile, Rational confirmed its intention to quickly return to the MDax.

The financial services provider MLP will also be among the SDax stocks from this Monday.

There are also two changes in the TecDax technology index: The biofuel manufacturer Verbio is giving up its place in the technology index for Süss Microtec, a supplier to the semiconductor industry. In addition, radiation and medical technology specialist Eckert & Ziegler is taking the place of telecoms equipment supplier Adtran Holdings.

Meanwhile, everything remains the same in the leading Dax index.

This Monday, the decision to raise the cap for the Dax index family from 10 to 15 percent will also take effect. The new limit brings the rule into line with international standards. As the largest index weighting in the Dax, the software group SAP is the main beneficiary of the new rule.

Index changes are particularly important for funds that replicate indices in real terms (physically replicating ETFs). They then have to be rebalanced accordingly, which can have an impact on share prices./ck/mis