(MT Newswires) -- C.S. Venkatakrishnan, CEO of Barclays, says that under his leadership the bank has established itself as a major player, positioning itself as the first investment bank domiciled outside the US. This success augurs well in a geopolitical environment where clients are looking for banking partners outside the US, with a strong preference for UK banks. Venkatakrishnan emphasises the importance of controlling expenses to cope with revenue fluctuations and to maximise shareholder and investor returns, with a target of saving more than $1 billion through structural cost reductions. Venkatakrishnan remains convinced that Barclays' current share price does not reflect the company's true potential. He pledged to explain to shareholders the bank's strategy for achieving its objectives, suggesting that adjustments, hard work, sustained perseverance and a great deal of effort are needed to improve the bank's performance and valuation in the market.


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