Aurum Resources Limited (ASX:AUE) entered into binding term sheet to acquire Boundiali South exploration tenement (PR-414) from Turaco Gold Limited (ASX:TCG) and Predictive Discovery Limited (ASX:PDI) for AUD 1.64 million on March 19, 2024. Within 15 business days of the satisfaction (or waiver) of the conditions precedent above, the Seller will, by written notice to the Purchaser, elect to receive one of the following forms of consideration (Election). (i) AUD 0.8 million in cash (Cash Consideration) or (ii) If the 20-day volume weighted average trading price of Shares (VWAP) is Less than or equal to AUD 0.20 at the time of the Election, 5 million fully paid ordinary shares in the Purchaser (Shares) (Consideration Shares 1) or Greater than AUD 0.20 at the time of the Election, Shares to a value of AUD1.2 million, as determined by dividing AUD1.2 million by the 20-day VWAP for the Shares (Consideration Shares 2).

Purchase of the tenement is subject to Aurum obtaining a renewal of the BST tenement (or the granOng of a replacement) and being satisfied that the terms of the renewal (or replacement permit) do not restrict exploration or potential future mining rights, along with required Government approvals.